28th Wednesday Aug 2013
Sunbeam Vintage: Furniture so pretty, you'll feel bad using it

Sunbeam Vintage: Furniture so pretty, you’ll feel bad using it

I finally made it down to my clients shop, Sunbeam Vintage in Highland Park, to redeem a promise they made to grant me the coffee table of my dreams upon getting them a house. They got their house last year — I finally got my coffee table last week after promising myself a week of “me time” to focus on my house.

Over the past year, they’ve become close friends which has brought a few unexpected challenges, namely, the anxiety of offending their chic sensibilities with my crappy West Elm armoire–seriously, it crossed my mind incessantly.

While I may know about architecture and home design, I have no confidence about furniture–especially high quality/high design furniture that people collect and devote books to. After confessing my fears, to which they basically said I was crazy, they told me that picking furniture is just like picking anything else you might fall in love with.

A coffee table, bookcase, credenza, dresser and media console later, it turns out, I love Mid-Century furniture and so does my vintage 1928 Spanish house–who knew it would work so well!? Thanks for bringing beauty back to my space and for making me fall in love with my house all over again.

Want to bring some beauty back to your home at shockingly reasonable prices? Follow Michael and his witty banter on Instagram or check out their massive shop off Figueroa.

Sunbeam Vintage, 106 S. Ave. 58, Los Angeles, 323-908-9743

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