9th Tuesday Apr 2013

Pete’s Blue Chip: Comfort Food in Eagle Rock

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Pete's Blue Chip: Classic American comfort food

Pete’s Blue Chip: Classic American comfort food

Eagle Rock: After year’s of passing by, I finally decided to check out Pete’s Blue Chip in Eagle Rock. Immortalized in art, I had no idea I’d been missing out on Pete’s epic deliciousness all this time. Wear your stretchy pants and bring the TUMS — this one is worth it!

Located on Colorado Blvd., this naughty-food joint’s facade has seen better days — hence the years of drive-bys. It’s the kind of diner you’d expect off a dusty road filled with truckers and sour servers.

Orange Bang dispenser

Orange. Bang. Fountain.

Pete’s had me at Orange Bang. While the menu looked promising with nearly every fantasy food on my pre-teen palate, he had me at Orange Bang. A fountain actually, with all 5 flavors. But, as all us working class kids from the ’80s can attest, nothing surpassed the frothy thirst quench of an ice cold Orange Bang. To be honest, I was so thrilled by the OBF, that the food only needed to be passable.

Corn dog, $1.85 and chili cheese fries, $2.65

Corn dog, $1.85 and chili cheese fries, $2.65

Luckily, the food was otherworldly–as in a throwback to everything awesome that your parents told you not to eat. Hot dogs, corn dogs, chili cheese fries, burgers and Pete’s famous breakfast burritos all vied for my attention. The winners that day were the sausage and egg breakfast burrito with a side of corn dog (amazingly crispy).

Massive sausage and egg breakfast burrito, $4.25

Massive sausage and egg breakfast burrito, $4.25

I need to preface this part by saying, I’m not a fan of breakfast potatoes. They’re generally bland and lifeless. I nearly asked them to hold the potatoes, until I remembered to always sample something in it’s natural state before making modifications. Thank goodness I did because those potato morsels were dancing, crispy tots that brought a audible crunch to the burrito–made for 2 at the bargain price of $4.25.

I loved Pete’s at first bite. It’s classic Americana with classic comfort food (and an Orange Bang fountain!!). I could eat here everyday if only my tightening stretchy pants didn’t stand between me and Pete’s mouth-watering delights and incredibly warm service.

Pete’s Blue Chip, 1701 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, 90041, (323) 478-9022

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