14th Wednesday Nov 2012

Eagle Rock’s Polka Polish: A Snuggie on a Cold Day

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Eagle Rock’s Polka Polish: There’s nothing I don’t love about this plate

Polka Polish (5/5) Who woulda thunk that Polish food was like a Snuggie and a warm cup of frothy cocoa on a cold day? I certainly didn’t and had zero point of reference for Polish until last week’s date night at Polka Polish in Eagle Rock.

Located in a strip mall with a donut shop and laundromat

Located in a strip mall that’s seen better days, I was totally skeptical…until I walked in. You’re instantly transported to your Polish grandmother’s living room. Doilies, lace tablecloths, ceramic chotskies, heavy embroidered drapes and family photos all glow under 1920s Tiffany-style table lamps.

Busia’s living room

The only other restaurant that makes me feel like I’m in another country is Eagle Rock’s Cafe Beaujolais. And now, I can stamp my virtual passport with a trip to Poland. Ambiance is everything here and as instrumental as the food and fantastic service. “I love this place already,” I told my husband. “Bring on the pierogis!”

Beef pierogis slathered in onion

As this was our first time in Poland, we got a bit of everything. We started with an order of beef pierogis, sort of a glorified chewy pasta dumpling stuffed with minced seasoned beef. There was also a delightful spinach soup with a clean, savory broth and an entire grilled kielbasa covered in grilled onions–both of which were on the house.

Kura: The best boneless, skinless chicken you’ll ever eat

Now to the main attraction. I should point out that nearly everything on the menu consists of two main elements: meat and potatoes. Then there’s a third wildcard element of heaping ladles of gravy.

Remember what Bourdain said about the simplest food being the hardest to execute well? Polka literally left me dumbfounded by the excellence of their humble grilled chicken plate called Kura. This is hands down one of the best dishes I’ve had in recent memory. No skin? It’s okay, it’s grilled to a crispy nirvana that manages to maintain all the moisture and flavor.

Klopsy: beef & pork falafel-like steaks with gravy boat

As if that wasn’t great enough, the plate comes complete with an ice-cream scooper mound of whipped mashed potatoes, decorative veggies and the aforementioned gravy boat. It goes without saying that my jeans were not as grateful as I was for the delicious, heart-warming, if not clogging, meal.

Polka Polish Restaurant, 4112 Verdugo Rd., Los Angeles, 90065, (323) 255-7887

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