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The Alcove: Beautiful Food, Patrons & Patio

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The Alcove: Pretty venue and even prettier food

The Alcove (5/5) My favorite, quintessentially L.A. restaurant is none other than The Alcove in Los Feliz. If you haven’t heard of the Alcove, it’s the Eastside’s answer to The Ivy–with 50% less obnoxiousness and 100% tastier food. Located on a patch of land that I swear has its own micro-climate, it attracts Angelenos on both sides of La Brea with its perpetually sunny patio, beautiful plates and even lovelier patrons.

The best patio to nosh and imbibe on in the Eastside

This is one eatery that goes all in on ambiance. A salad isn’t just a salad at The Alcove, it’s a multicolored work of art overflowing in a bowl that could double as a baby’s bathtub. Their Cobb Salad has the proud distinction of being the only salad in L.A. I actually crave and annihilate every time. Ripe avocados burst with flavor against crisp lettuce and smokey Applewood bacon. While the freshness of the ingredients could make the salad awesome by itself, it’s further enhanced by their secret creamy balsamic vinaigrette. See that little tin gravy boat? I want to bathe in it.

Alcove’s Cobb: The only place you’ll catch me eating a salad

Egg salad & fries

Other highlights include their decadent egg salad. A side will set you back $7, but it’s an entree-sized portion that comes with a baked olive roll and boat of creamy balsamic to further bury your diet dreams. Speaking of dieting, the side of Yukon fries ($6) also sports its own zip code in a bowl more commonly used to serve pho.

Now for the extra naughty part: dessert. A display case filled with candy coated confections calls to me when entering the eatery, and like a cheap harlot, I succumb. My absolute favorite is the white chocolate cake.

Seriously folks, how do you improve on chocolate cake? When it’s caressed by white chocolate butter cream with a ganache-like texture. The baby soft, spongy and airy chocolate cake acts like a cloud of yumminess against the just sweet enough white frosting. Have I made your mouth water yet because mine is!

Our Yorkie enjoying lunch on the patio

Bring your dog, your laptop and save room for a slice of heaven under the trees. It can get a little pricey (average lunch tab for 2 is almost always at least $40) but look at what you’re paying for. The location, ambiance, the lovely gardens, the sun poking through the tree canopy and the opportunity to sport your designer sunglasses and floss your Louis V as your jeans get tighter. Just kidding–we’re in the Eastside!

The Alcove, 1929 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 644-0100

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