1st Friday Jun 2012

(Blissful) Death By Carbs at Pasadena’s Mi Piace

Written by: Vanessa
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I literally can eat 2 baskets of this with a martini and call it a night

Mi Piace (5/5) I rarely do chips and house bread, but I gorge myself very unladylike every time on a basket or three of Piace’s house focaccia covered in baked garlic and parmesan. Unlike other versions where the bread is unceremoniously slathered in olive oil/butter like a cheap trollop, Piace’s has just a slight sheen to make the garlic stick.

Super tasty cayenne, garlic & parsley fries as big as a bowling ball

As I was preparing this review, I counted no less than 14 pictures I’d taken of Piace’s delightful mounds. Rounding out my collection were several pictures of their equally delish cayenne, garlic and parsley fries, the pizza, the bruschetta and, hold on to that button jeans, the spaghetti alla carbonara. Clearly, you can see a theme here. This is where I go to carb out and where my diet goes to die.

Incredibly decandent, mouth-O-inducing spaghetti alla carbonara

The bread itself is fantastic because frankly, I don’t like bread and dough in general. This focaccia borders on cracker-like because it’s thin, with just a slight doughy mattress holding on to its crispy top and bottom.

Thin crust pizza

The food, generally, is good. But I must say, the awesome martinis and a basket of focaccia certainly lulls me into not caring and subsequently, a $100+ bill. Angry? NOPE. Because, the longer the linger, the longer you get baskets fresh from the oven. We come here so often for pre-movie drinks on date night that our regular servers KNOW, like a crack dealer, what momma wants the moment we walk in.

Pretty darn tasty bruschetta

Piace has some intense focaccia quality-control because this is the one item that’s never been less than excellent, warm and perfect. The ambiance and drinks are alway great. Piace is a restaurant you go to for the overall qualities–the great drinks, service, vibe and its ability to be just sceney enough without being obnoxious. LOVE IT!!

Mi Piace, 25 E Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 626-795-3131

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