5th Thursday Apr 2012

1924 Craftsman Duplex: 1986 Norwalk Ave., Los Angeles, 90041

What’s minty green, in a fabulous location and priced at $479k? This lovely 1924 Craftsman duplex in Eagle Rock! At a healthy 2135 sq. ft. with a 3br/2ba owners unit, a new owner could have a prospective mortgage payment of….drumroll…$1316/month, including taxes and insurance! Why so low? Because you have a very happy tenant living in a 2br/1bath unit for $1000/mo. To schedule a viewing of this property or for more information, let me know!

1986 Norwalk Ave. Los Angeles, 90041
Duplex: 3br/2ba & 2 br/1ba
2135 sq. ft., 7753 sq. ft. lot
1924 Craftsman
Spacious Units, Original Built-Ins, Lush Area

Up-down units. Owner's unit is on top

Kitchen. Listing courtesy of Laura Twors – Keller Williams Pasadena

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