31st Tuesday Jan 2012

It’s Official: LAs Best Hot Dog is in NoHo

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Legendary Sweet & Spicy Kielbasa

Vicious Dogs (5/5) I’m a true hot dog connoisseur. My creds: I hate Pinks. It’s terribly overrated and not my idea of anything close to a great hot dog.

Located in the NoHo Arts District, North Hollywood, CA

Vicious Dogs was stop #2 (of 3) of my personal “Best of the Valley Wiener Invitational.” The contenders that day were Vicious Dogs, Otis Jackson’s Soul Dog & Bubbies East Coast Dogs. My criteria for an awesome dog are: (1) The Vessel. The bread is my very first impression. Did the dog purveyor care enough about the dog, to make the bun special? (2) The Wiener. This all comes down to flavor and snap for me. Finally, (3) Standalone Quality. It’s great if a dog tastes yummy when it’s all gussied up with condiments, relish, etc., but does the dog have what it takes to be spectacular on its own with nothing?

Vicious Dogs met all of this and more!! We were warmly greeted by the owner who threw his best at me, the #2 – Sweet & Spicy Kielbasa. “This is the dog my business was built on,” he said. I was hesitant at first because I’m not a fan of the sweet & spicy flavor combo. I’m an even lesser fan of anything but ketchup and a swab of mayo on my hot dog. But he had me at spicy and I was more than a bit curious to try this dog of legend.

Wiener: Smokey, just spicy enough and with an absence of conspicuous fat nodules–hate those. Snap quality was incredible and I knew it from the very first bite. It was also sufficiently girthy. There’s nothing I dislike more than a poor hot dog to bun ratio. This was perfect. Bun: Delicious, warm, squishy yet toasty and bedazzled with poppy seeds. Though initially apprehensive about the sweet relish, I was gobsmacked by how it perfectly enhanced the flavor of the kielbasa. It was absolute perfection.

World 1-1, Super Mario Bros. wood block prints on the wall

It was so fabulous that I completely ignored the seasoned fries and wings that my beloved ordered. But I hear, those were pretty good too. Vicious Dogs got me so entranced by that #2 that I will be back ASAP try the #1 Chicago Dog, anything with Louisiana Hot Links and the Asada Dog. Also, big kudos for the friendly service and nod-to-the-80’s decor! Yelp

Vicious Dogs, 5231 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 91601, (818) 985-3647

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