31st Tuesday Jan 2017

How to Win a House With 37 Competing Offers

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White hot in El Sereno: 1951 Mid-Century featured on Curbed with 38 offers and my buyers won

So maybe you spent the last month visiting relatives from coast to coast wondering why you’re doing all the traveling and luggage schlepping while they get to stay buttoned up in the comfort of their homes. If you’ve decided that 2017 is the year you end the madness and plant roots by buying your own home, you’ve come to the right place!

With limited inventory, rising home prices and competition from cash buyers, I know dipping your toe in the water feels overwhelming and you’re wondering if it’s even possible to buy a house in L.A. Yes, it absolutely is! 

Case in point: this stunning 1951 Mid-Century so tempting that it got the attention of both Curbed and about 500 people who attended the open house last month. My clients ended up being just one of 38 offers, and won! So how did we get it? Prayers and pixie dust. Just kidding. In all seriousness, the magic is a combination of experience, market knowledge and reputation. I can’t stress this last part enough. If your agent has a bad reputation, good luck getting a counter let alone an acceptance.    

So you’re ready to buy and want to know what to do next? 1) Connect with a good lender and get your loan pre-approval. If a house looks good and is priced well, it’s going to fly off the market in 7-14 days. If you’re not armed with a pre-approval, you can kiss that super cute bungalow you saw last weekend goodbye.

Lastly, and probably most important, you’ll need 2) an awesome real estate agent to guide you through sometimes choppy Eastside waters and get you safely to your new front door. 

Need a great lender referral?

My preferred lender is nice, approachable, great at explaining and has a great reputation. A 15-minute phone call or quick email is all it takes to get the ball rolling!

Eddie Ajamian, NMLSR #342821, Franklin Loan Center, Pasadena
Office: 626-219-7192 | Cell: 626-826-5225

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