2nd Thursday Apr 2015

10 Hot Tips Fresh From the Real Estate Trenches

Written by: Vanessa
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Eagle Rock House

Winning a hot property is damn near impossible right now, but my clients did!

Even though it’s warm and sunny outside, it’s still traditionally the slowest part of the real estate year. So is it really slowing down? I wouldn’t bet on that. It’s been a while since I’ve experienced being one of 10, 14 or even 20 offers on a house – until now.

Most recently, my buyers won a coveted Craftsman in prime Eagle Rock. Even though it went crazy over asking, winning an exquisite, move-in ready beauty takes more than just having the best price. Buyers need to be masterfully represented so that you can standout in a sea of high offers and tear-jerking motivation letters. Want to buy or sell now? Here are 10 more piping hot tips fresh from the trenches:

1. You need a talented agent who knows what she’s doing
2. It matters that your agent is liked/respected by other agents
3. Competition for hot properties (the 1% that looks amazing) is up considerably
4. Be weary of seller’s agents who peddle their services to you – they work for the seller
5. Believe in the power of being the backup offer – half my clients moved to 1st after shaky first escrows collapsed

6. Who you pick to represent your house matters (see #2 above)
7. Have a relative in real estate? It doesn’t matter if they can’t sell your home
8. If you own an exquisite 1% house, you’re in for a windfall – right now
9. Work on standing out – do the repairs, landscaping and de-cluttering
10. Know that the highest offer doesn’t always necessarily close – be smart, not greedy

Want to buy or sell a house and remember it for how fun it was? Let me know

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