4th Tuesday Mar 2014

DIY: Lush Landscaping That Sips, Not Guzzles

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Landscaping with wild grass saves

No-mow wild grass lawn sips water and and only needs 1-2 trims annually

Very recently, I learned just how much water our gorgeous front and side yards were using. Even with heavy use of California natives, watering the grass 4 times a week was contributing to nearly 70% of our monthly water bill.

With our home renovation in full swing, we’ve decided to bite the bigger financial bullet upfront, do good by Mother Nature and go as drought-tolerant as possible with our new landscaping. Best of all, the results are just as beautiful and the long-term cost savings will be astronomical.

Landscaping with succulents

Landscaping with succulents

When some people think of drought-tolerant landscaping, they think bland, dry and boring. This is a total misconception. Plants range from desert cacti, to succuulents, shrubs, bushes, wild grasses and the loveliest of the bunch, colorful California natives.

Colorful California natives

Colorful California natives

As a lover of color, I’m most thrilled about swapping out water guzzling grass/sod for a no-mow fine fescue lawn. With multiple varieties to choose from, these native grasses offer lush, perpetually green, shade tolerant ground cover that live on sporadic rain water and only need 1-2 trims a year. A year!

Combination garden with natives and cacti

Combination garden with natives and agave

Beyond the cactus and succulent, other water sipping options are lavender, spirarea, barberry, kangaroo paw and agave plants which need only full sun and not much else–and you already get that for free.

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