23rd Tuesday Apr 2013

Priced Out of the Westside? Head East, My Friend

Written by: Vanessa
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Head East, my friend

The Eastside: Follow the 2FWY through NELA down to Silver Lake, Echo Park & Atwater

Last year, half of my home buyers relocated from the Westside. These buyers were all creative types under 35. So this goes out to you Westsiders: are you finding you can’t get much for $650k outside of a condo or 600 sq. ft. single family shoebox? Then head East.

There’s an Eastside equivalent for everything on the Westside–minus the dingy water. We’ve got sparkling lakes. Love Melrose? You’ll love Echo Park. WeHo? Silver Lake. Like the woodsy, natural beauty of Malibu? The hills of Eagle Rock, Mt. Washington and Glassell Park will astound you.

Like walking picturesque streets with gorgeous character homes in Larchmont and Hancock Park? Glendale’s historic neighborhoods like Rossmoyne, will make you think you’re 8 miles west. The Eastside has everything you could possibly want…just more awesome…and at 20% off!

March to the beat of your own drum? Are your artsy, creative, work in TV/film/music, love traveling and/or have a blog? Want to explore everything the Eastside has to offer, let me know. My name is Vanessa, I’m a local realtor and native Eastsider ready to welcome you home.

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  1. Julian said:

    April 23, 2013 at 11:39 am

    My partner and I can attest to this. For what we could get for our budget west of La Brea (a 1bedroom condo), we ended up getting an amazing Spanish style house in East LA, complete with 3bedrooms, 2bathrooms, and a full basement! Who gets basements in LA?! Hardly anybody. For the price, we got a great home with 1,300 square feet with so much culture and great Mexican food everywhere! I used to be a total westide snoot, but the eastside is where it’s at! Luckily we had a great realtor to guide us to our perfect home. Thank you Vanessa!

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