14th Thursday Mar 2013

DIY: Make Your Kitchen Sizzle With Personality

Written by: Vanessa
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The Inviting Kitchen: (L)

The Inviting Kitchen: (L) warm wood and custom fixtures (R) Mid-Century burst of color

Recently, I’ve been enthralled with a friend’s extensive, and well-documented, Facebook kitchen remodel. This got me thinking about the current trend of the all-white kitchen with marble counters. While clean and pretty, it’s been so played out by the flippers du jour that it almost doesn’t turn my head anymore. If the kitchen is the heart of a home, shouldn’t that heart beat loudly and strongly–and not Home Depot stock?

The Inviting Kitchen

The Inviting Kitchen at night

The Inviting Kitchen at night

Makes you want to pull up a chair, bake cookies and spend the afternoon lounging. Get that effect with warm woods, inviting colors, multiple textures and thoughtful accessories like frames, appliances and light fixtures with curved, rather than straight lines.

The Modern Kitchen

The Modern Kitchen:

The Modern Kitchen: (L) sleek wood cabinets (R) statement flooring

How do your rein in a modern kitchen from being too cold and sterile? Try wood-faced versions of sleek, clean-lined cabinetry and statement elements like interesting flooring or backsplashes.

The Architectural Kitchen

The Architectural Kitchen:

The Architectural Kitchen: (L) concrete and exposed beams (R) classic kitchen with an edgy element

If you’re lucky enough to expose a strategically placed beam, you’re in for a treat! Nothing screams custom kitchen more like playing with what you already have. Working easily with nearly all kitchen styles, having exposed beams or posts grounds a space and gives it an edginess that brings personality in droves.

The Statement Piece

The Statement Appliance

Vintage stove, Wedgewood stove, vintage kitchen

It’s no surprise to anyone, I’m a sucker for a vintage Wedgewood stove. Few things create character as effortlessly as the statement bonanza that is a vintage stove. You can also create this with wall ovens, well-designed countertop appliances, an amazing light fixture or a custom backsplash.

A backsplash that makes a statement

A backsplash that makes a statement

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