20th Wednesday Feb 2013

10 Hot Tips Fresh From the Real Estate Trenches

Written by: Vanessa
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Listed for $599k and sold for $673k

Listed for $599k and sold for $673k!

Despite the seemingly abnormal warmth we’re experiencing, it’s still winter–traditionally, the slowest part of the real estate year. So is it really slowing down? Well, I wouldn’t bet on that.

My most recent listing attracted 15 offers and sold for $74k over asking. So what does this mean for buyers and sellers? Here are 10 piping hot tips fresh from the trenches:

– You need a gifted agent who knows what she’s doing
– It matters that your agent is liked/respected by other agents
Competition for hot properties is still fierce
– Explore old listings that came out in Dec. 2012– a big marketing no-no
– Believe in the power of being the backup offer – this past summer, half my clients moved to 1st after shaky first escrows collapsed

– The Listing Agent matters — I referred the winning buyers to my listing
– Have a relative in real estate? It doesn’t matter if they can’t sell your home
– Do the little repairs and address landscaping
– Instead of 10 offers, you might get 5
– Want to sell lighting fast? Let me know

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