7th Friday Dec 2012

Pricing Trends: Atwater-Adjacent Hits $599k

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$599k in Atwater Village, adjacent: 3322 La Clede Ave., Los Angeles, 90039

Lately, it seems that every sellers favorite list price around Atwater Village is $599k. The operative word being, around.

Not too long ago, you could buy a home in prime Atwater Village for $599k. AV’s sweet spot is between Los Feliz Blvd. and Glendale Blvd. Now, it looks like those in the Atwater Village-adjacent streets are gunning for the same. But are they worth it?

3322 La Clede Ave., Los Angeles, 90039

Smallish living room with an open floor plan

3322 La Clede Ave., Los Angeles, 90039
$599k, 3BR/2BA, 1094 sq. ft1., 5402 sq. ft. lot

Recent $25k price reduction
Open floor plan
Nice kitchen
Higher-end finishes

Compact 1000 sq. ft. for 3 bedrooms
Small living room
Minimal outdoor space

Kitchen with higher-end appliances and island

This is a better-than-average flip in a solid-B neighborhood. It’s close enough to prime AV, but for size and location, not enough to justify the $599k price. Suggest you drop this baby to $529k

4132 Bemis St., Los Angeles, 90039

$599k way north of Los Feliz Blvd: 4132 Bemis St., Los Angeles, 90039

4132 Bemis St., Los Angeles, 90039
$599k, 4BR/4BA, 2214 sq. ft1., 6998 sq. ft. lot

Open floor plan
Huge, usable lot

Almost too big to feel comfortable
Lower-quality finishes
Questionable street

Living room/great room

This is an average flip on a solid-C street in a B- neighborhood. Ironically, it’s 2 blocks to a more desirable street. For the size, it’s a steal. For the location, the price may not be enticing enough to overlook the area. But, considering the proximity to homes pending in the 600ks so close, the trajectory for Bemis St. looks more promising than La Clede’s.

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