17th Wednesday Oct 2012

10 Hot Tips Fresh From the Real Estate Trenches

Written by: Vanessa
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Despite the record heat we’re experiencing, it’s nearly winter–traditionally, slowest part of the real estate year. So is it really slowing down? Well, I wouldn’t bet on that, but there are definitely significant changes from just two months ago. So what does this mean for buyers and sellers? Here are 10 piping hot tips fresh from the trenches:

– You need a gifted agent who knows what she’s doing
– Inventory has picked up…a smidge
– There’s less competition with some buyers busy with their kids’ school year
– Sellers want to unload before the holiday season – seize the opportunity!
– Believe in the power of being the backup offer – this summer, half my clients moved to 1st after shaky first escrows fell through

– Sell now or consider holding your house until spring
– You’re still in demand, but instead of 8 offers, you might get closer to 4
– You still need to be smart about marketing your home
– More important than in the summer, address the little repairs, cleaning and yard
– Want to sell lighting fast? Let me know

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