28th Friday Sep 2012

DIY Organization: 5 Tips to a Better Bathroom

Written by: Vanessa
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L-R: Method wipes, Target tray, mesh baskets, mason jars for storage

Even if you don’t have a spa-like bathroom, there’s no reason you can’t make it feel like one. It’s a proven fact that clutter causes stress, so why not de-stress with 5 tips to a better bathroom?

Keep it clean with Method wipes for mirrors, counters & cans
Seriously, can keeping clean be any easier than a wipe and a toss? Method even has a flushable wipe!

Organize your medicine cabinet with these nifty storage trays
These changed my life. My trays hold makeup, clips & safety pins

Mesh-basket clunky styling tools
While you can hang it on a wall or on the sink cabinet, I have a better idea. You know all that dead air space under the sink? Hang a mesh basket on the inside top for your hair dryer, curling iron, electric shaver and keep those annoying cords out of the way

Beautify boring items
Why keep your cotton balls and Q-Tips in those ugly containers? Grab some mason jars, vases or jewelery boxes and rehouse those babies

Every object has a home – return 5 items to their rightful places
I do this everyday — and not just for the bathroom. Don’t leave your goodies homeless

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