3rd Friday Aug 2012

DIY: Create a New Home Office This Weekend!

Written by: Vanessa
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Office by day and dining room by night

Don’t have that extra bedroom to transform into a home office? Don’t fret! I’m currently thinking about scrapping my used-4-times-a-year dining room into an office, that can still be a dining room.

Office space dilemma? Try these tips!

1) Closet – Does it only store items you could easily donate? Annex that puppy and make it the office of your dreams with shelving to the top and a door to hide it all away when done.

Part with excess stuff and make a closet super useful instead!

2) Alcove – Do you have a funky spot in your house you don’t know what to do with? I smell an office niche!

Funky spot? State-of-the-art office!

3) Dining Room – It’s like a guest room that’s only used during holidays. Why not use that ample sq. ft. to its maximum potential? Want a DR to multitask? Get a lovely table you can work on and a credenza that can do double duty by storing dishes AND an all-in-one-printer.

Dining room before

Dining room/office after with tons of new, pretty storage

4) Hidden Office/Desk – Hate to see work mix with home life? Get a piece that looks like furniture, but hides everything at the end of the day.

Credenza? Sideboard? Office!?!? Crate and Barrel’s Incognito Desk

Filing cabinet and printer area!

And there it is hidden with the rest of your decor!

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