30th Thursday Aug 2012

5 Hot Tips Fresh From the Real Estate Trenches

Written by: Vanessa
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5805 Meridian St. in Highland Park with a winning strategy that paid off

With summer winding down, you should know that it’s still crazy insane in the Los Angeles Eastside real estate market. Seriously, where’s the slowdown? It’s been 5 months since the market began picking up and it hasn’t slowed since. So what does this mean for buyers and sellers? Here are 5 piping hot tips fresh from the trenches:


– You need a general who knows what the heck they’re doing
Leverage what you have. I have a client offering a 10k credit to his furniture store
Assume you won’t get a counter – if you love a house, go all in
– Inventory for a well priced and attractive home is really low
Be patient and don’t get dismayed


– Congrats, you’re in demand, but still need to be smart about marketing your home
– Don’t be greedy, price it accurately and see buyers come in droves
– Do those small repairs, buyers will notice and reward your thoroughness
Landscaping matters. Sod, a few seeds and water pay huge dividends
– Want to sell within 7 days? Let me know

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