26th Tuesday Jun 2012

My Love for Pixar’s “Up” & Vintage Homes

Written by: Vanessa
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Category: Life Break, Newlyweds

Yes, we’re fans: Our custom cake topper and the “Adventure Book” he proposed with

If you haven’t seen Pixar’s “Up,” I emphatically recommend you see it — with a box or two of Kleenex, the person you love and a Snuggy built for two.

It’s a love story about a couple, their adorable little house and the life they share in that house. Even more significantly, it’s about what a house really means. Is it where you show off your plasma, the new SUV or your square footage? Or, is it where you live, love and grow up? Apparently, I’m not alone in my love for this little movie. These folks recreated the “Up” house down to the art on the walls.

The first 4:20 referenced…warning you, get the tissue!


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