7th Thursday Jun 2012

1922 Traditional Duplex: 1706 N. Ave 45, Los Angeles, 90041

Debuting today is a 1922 Traditional duplex in Eagle Rock sporting the favored configuration of 2 separate homes on a lot.

I was lucky enough to buy my first house in 2003 when you could still buy a house in the 200ks. But, if I had to do it all over again, in this market, I’d buy a duplex-4plex because it just makes more financial sense for first-time buyers.

While you can pick up a 2 bedroom/1 bath bungalow in Eagle Rock for around the same price, why would you choose to pay $3213/mo. (FHA, 3.5% down) when you can pay $2188/mo. with a tenant (see additional payments below)? I’d take the tenant, the privacy of a detached rear house and save the extra cash for a better quality of life. For more information or to seriously explore the world of multi-units, let me know.

1706 N. Avenue 45, Los Angeles, 90041
Duplex: 2BR/1BA each
1098 sq. ft., 6752 sq. ft. lot
1922 Traditional
2 Homes on a Lot, Vintage Details, Separate Yards

Options: Buyer's mortgage payment with rear tenant paying $1025/mo.

Front porch

Front house: Living room with stone fireplace and wood floors

View from the living room

Dining room with original wood latched windows

Breakfast nook off kitchen with built-ins

First bedroom

Bath with vintage alcove shower


Detached rear house rented at $1025/mo.

Living room with vaulted ceiling

Rear house, first bedroom. Listing courtesy of Tracy King – Teles Properties

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