29th Friday Jun 2012

5 Conditions That Affect Homes For Sale

Written by: Vanessa
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Rosy, happy room in L.A. or Pepto Bismol nightmare?

You’re probably wondering why some homes, though seemingly perfect on paper, stay on the market longer than expected. Some are victims of failed escrows, some have stubborn sellers, some are located in pocket neighborhoods unknown to most and still others, suffer from any of these 5 conditions.

1. Extreme Personal Taste (EPT): Sellers, if your goal is to sell your home with the hope of a tidy profit, don’t let your home succumb to EPT. You may love that lion skin rug–with head attached, that gold-leaf furniture, or your version of the Rose Room, but I assure you, buyers won’t.

Two’fer: Overpriced by 50k and canary yellow in Eagle Rock

2. Overpricitus: While it might be your castle, don’t price it as such because you’ll be ignored in droves.

3. Irritable Photographic Disease: This may be a great time to sell, but if photos indicate that you don’t care to show off your home with the best HD filters SLR photography has to offer, you’ll be ignored.

Gorgeous on the Outside: Bad photos or a case of the EPTs? You be the judge

4. Decency Disorder: As hard as this is to believe, some agents will avoid working with sellers’ agents known for being shady, conniving liars who are pains in the tush to work with. You know who are you and so do we.

King of the Eastside or King of the Clunkers?

5. Timing Shock Syndrome: In April, L.A. was in the throws of a recession, unemployment and had a glut of real estate that wasn’t moving. In June, it’s like 2004 all over again with bidding wars, low inventory and buyer confidence. What a difference 90 days makes!

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