24th Tuesday Apr 2012

1921 California Bungalow: 1159 Isabel St., Los Angeles, 90065

Two new listings have joined the 399k & under club. In Cypress Park there’s a 1921 Bungalow that’s been fully redone priced at $349k. While it’s cozy at 812 sq. ft., the 5611 sq. ft. lot of terraces offers some incredible vistas and outdoor living spaces beckoning to be used.

Next is a quaint 1923 Cottage in Highland Park priced at $329k. This home is located on a winding hillside street in the Garvanza District and features hardwood floors, an updated kitchen and beautiful views. Perched on a knoll, it looks like a tree house from a bygone era. For more information or to view these homes in person, let me know.

1159 Isabel St., Los Angeles, 90065

Front yard

1159 Isabel St., Los Angeles, 90065
2 bedroom/2 baths
812 sq. ft., 5611 sq. ft. lot
1921 California Bungalow
Complete Redo, Views, Terraced Yard

View of dining area with living room and patio


Second bedroom with views

904 Palm View Dr., Los Angeles, 90042

1923 Cottage: 903 Palm View Dr., Los Angles, 90065

903 Palm View Dr., Los Angeles, 90042
2 bedrooms/1 bath
897 sq. ft., 5370 sq. ft. lot
1923 Cottage
Garvanza District, Terraced Yard

Living room with fireplace

Open kitchen with butcher block counters

View from the porch/ Listing courtesy of Liz Johnson – Teles Properties

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