25th Wednesday Apr 2012

DIY: Colorful Front Doors For Spring

Written by: Vanessa
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Yellow front door in Atwater Village

Who said a front door has to be brown? Painting your front door an interesting color is one of the easiest ways to give your home character. For less than $100 in materials, your house can go from the anonymous place down the street to the memorable house with the darling yellow door.

Step 1: Prep the door. Wash it with a course sponge, soap and rinse. Allow it to air dry thoroughly up to 2 days. Run heavy plastic drop cloth under the door. Use medium to fine sandpaper to smooth out the surface and remove chipping paint. Fill cracks with wood filler. Lightly sand again. Dust well to remove debris.

Step 2: Tape off anything you don’t want paint on. Remove any door chotskies (door numbers, mailbox slot trims, etc.) if you can. Use a good quality wood primer, paint the door with a light, even coat. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Pick a great exterior paint color. You’ll paint two times, so go light on the first coat to avoid painting clumps. Paint the moldings and trim with a brush. For larger surfaces, you can use a small roller. Again, go light on the paint. Allow it to dry. Add a second layer of paint and you’re done.

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