28th Tuesday Feb 2012

Dog Lovers Rejoice! Reason 81,212 to ♥ L.A.

Written by: Vanessa
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Happy Angeleno yorkie & frequenter of outdoor dining patios across L.A.

For years, I’ve frequented a select few dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles to dine and dish with my dogs. Nearly all these restaurants are in the Beach Cities, Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz — but not anymore! LA County public health officials announced on Monday, with hype and fanfare usually reserved for movie premiers, that Angelenos will now be allowed to dine with their furry companions across LA county.

The policy is not a blanket invite as restaurants still have the last word on whether or not to allow Fido on their outdoor patios. Supervisor Don Knabe said the policy has been a long time in coming and will allow a chance for small businesses to attract more customers.

The new guidelines though Fido-friendly, is fairly strict. Outdoor areas will need to have separate entrances, dogs aren’t allowed on tables on seats and sadly, waitstaff can’t pet your dog–though I know many would love to.  And, sorry Pasadena & Long Beach, you’re excluded from participating in the new ordinance.

Personally, I think this is great. Los Angeles is a dog-loving town and this new rule makes me eager to try out new restaurants, especially if they’re dog-friendly. Dogs, especially my little head turners, are a great way to spark conversations with neighbors at other tables and just add sunshine to your day–what’s not to love? I’d definitely much rather have dogs dining with me instead of rude cell phone talkers and nasty patrons.

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