Buying a home isn’t just about a great kitchen or square footage. Though important, there are other factors to seriously consider. Like:

Can I Afford It? It’s funny how many people don’t keep this in mind. While you might have a loan approval for $500k, that doesn’t mean you need to go that high and have a mortgage payment at the top of your budget.

The Neighborhood. Do you really want to be the biggest, nicest home on the block? Appraisers don’t think so. Do you really want to be the prettiest home in a questionable neighborhood? Probably not. These factors will definitely affect your resale.

Square Footage. I’ve seen 1000 sq. ft. homes that felt larger and had better floor plans than houses double that size. Don’t get fixated on a certain square footage. My tip: have a 200 sq. ft. buffer. If you want a 2000 sq. ft house, consider homes in the 1800 sq. ft. range and up and see them in person to determine whether it’s really too small for you. It may be turn out to be ‘just right.’

Blinded by Bling. The average cost of a new, gorgeous kitchen is about $15k. Do you really want to buy that house that’s asking $50k more than ever other house you’ve looked at simply because you’re blinded by the shine of granite and stainless steel? The same goes for most other “bells and whistles” like new flooring, an updated bath, etc. You can always do the upgrades yourself, choose what you really want and pay much less for it.

The Bones. This goes hand-in-hand with getting blinded by bling. The most important thing to consider when buying a home is the quality of the home itself. Are the bones good? If it’s in older home, chances are that the materials used to make that home are far superior and stronger than anything you can find today.

Doing an Open House Right. This goes along with tips on Bling & Bones. When walking through a house, don’t get blinded by professional staging and bling-y kitchens. Look at the big picture. Do you like the home’s presence from the curb? Do you like the natural light? Is the living room large enough to accommodate the 3 kids and the 2 dogs? While staging is nice, it’s unlikely you’ll ever replicate the great looks of professional staging if you were to buy the home. So think about how you really live–even while walking through a home designed to get you to buy.

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