Mt. Washington Map

Location: Surrounded by the 2, 5 & 110. Mt. Washington sits south of Glassell Park, west of Highland Park and northeast of Downtown Los Angeles. Generally, from here, it takes 15 minutes to get to Pasadena, Burbank, Glendale, Silver Lake & DTLA.

Summary: Hilly, hilly, hilly. Meandering streets, character homes and a bonanza of Modern and Mid-Century view homes with down to earth prices. Many homes have views of the hillsides, valleys or DTLA.

Hillside view in Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington is mostly in Los Angeles, 90065. While there are a myriad of character homes, what it really has a lot of are modern and mid-century homes perched on hillsides. In the 1950s, districts where reserved for new construction and many Modern style homes, similar to those found on the Westside were built. At one time, it was considered the most affluent part of East Los Angeles. Many residents are involved in the arts and home prices can range from $300,000 to millions.

Mid-Century home in Mt. Washington, $529k

Many homes have been redone and boast some of the finest views you can get in Los Angeles. The best part, because it’s in Northeast LA, you can purchases these modern marvels for a fraction of what it would cost in the Hollywood Hills or Los Feliz.

Businesses I love & Frequent

Best Filipino Takeout: Lutong Bahay, Eagle Rock Blvd. & Verdugo, Los Angeles, 90065, 323-255-7827

Best Outdoor Bar Patio: Verdugo Bar, 3408 Verdugo Rd., Los Angeles, 90065, 323-257-3408

Best Tacos: Verdugo Taco Stand, Verdugo Rd. & Ave. 33, Los Angeles, 90065