7th Tuesday Feb 2012

Yamashiro Has Views to Make Babies To

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Yamashiro's unobstructed view of LA at sunset

Yamashiro (4/5) Yamashiro holds a special place in my heart because this was where my beloved and I shared a few romantic dinners when we were first dating. Cue “awwwws!”

Yamashiro's distinct pagoda, courtesy of yamashirohollywood.com

This Japanese restaurant is a distinctly LA hideaway that’s perched on a hill overlooking the city below. Getting here is part of the thrill. As you ascend the narrow road and arrive at the massive pagoda at the top, you literally feel transported to another time and place. In my case, old Hollywood with Marilyn and Ava, not Kim and Khourt.

The interior courtyard plays host to countless weddings every year

A great time to plan a dinner is right around sunset. We usually arrive 30 minutes before sundown to walk the the Japanese garden and then find an iron bench to canoodle while the sun sets. As the day fades away, the mood at night becomes pretty damn sexy and sultry–the perfect place for young (or old) lovers to find a nook and share a bottle of wine as the city lights twinkle below.

Fantastic baked cod entree

Sushi entree was exceptionally fresh

Aside from the memorable venue, they also make some pretty satisfying food. Some of my favorites are the spicy tuna over crunchy rice and magnificent steamed black cod. The apps, in general, are pretty fabulous, while entrees are hit or miss. Prices can be a bit on the steep side considering the $15 cocktails and $24 entrees, but the quality is very good, service is great and most importantly, they have some of the best unobstructed views to make babies to.

View at sundown

Yamashiro1999 N Sycamore Ave., Hollywood, 90068 , 323-466-5125

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