31st Friday Aug 2012

DIY: Creating Character With Custom Pet Beds

Written by: Vanessa
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Category: Creating Character

Old TV clunker? Statement piece doggie quarters!

Have an immaculate treasure chest of a home? Why shouldn’t your furry kid? If dogs are like people, why wouldn’t they appreciate a beautifully crafted home too?

From reclaimed TVs, vintage suitcases and old iMacs, what’s old can be reborn again as a one-of-a-kind doggie bed that makes a bold interior design statement. For a step-by-step guide to make your own suitcase bed, click here.

Great for cats too!

Great use of an outdated iMac

Old luggage becomes a groovy kitty lounger

Doggie boudoir built into a nightstand

Feeling extra crafty? IKEA hack a bed with nightstands and kick Whiskers off yours

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